golden fruit parades

HIGH-ENERGY PARADES AND COLOURFUL CELEBRATION Sundays 13th, 20st and 27th february 2022

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On Sunday afternoon, come to the central focus of this unique event…

On Sunday morning, the town gets busy, with the coming and going of coaches and cars… Like an endless farandole, the crowd moves here and there, stretching out through the narrow streets and finally coming together along the sea front.

Today is festival day! Confetti is scattered against a background of blue sky. Entertainers, brass bands and folk groups wheel, spin and dance between the magnificent citrus fruit floats…

Lieu : Promenade du Soleil
Dates : Sundays 13th, 20st and 27th february 2022

Meet on Sundays 13th, 20st and 27th february 2022 from 2.30pm to 4pm on the promenade du soleil in Menton

It is strongly recommended to arrive on Menton before In order to make access more fluid, entrances are distributed along the route.

photographies © Ville de Menton