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Lemon Festival program

 Dates : From 17th february to 4th march 2018.
  Place : City of Menton.


La Fête du Citron® (Lemon Festival), an unique event in the world, attracts  240,000 visitors every year – a number which is constantly rising.
With processions of floats, gardens of lights and the exhibition of giant designs, come and discover this fantasy world, and move to the rhythm of a simply unforgettable event.
More than 300 professionals work on the project and 145 tons of citrus fruits are used.

85e Fête du Citron® : Bollywood

from 17 February to 4 March 2018

play a part in the films’ plots. Tales full of twists and turns will unfold in the shade of the yellow and orange towering citrus fruit structures, under the impassive gaze of statues of the gods. Beautiful heroines will dream and dance beside a lotus-shaped fountain, before being taken away through the buzzing overcrowded towns by rickshaw to the happy ending that any great film requires.

When night falls, the Gardens of Lights (17, 23 February and 2 March at 8.30 pm) will offer the opportunity to stroll through the citrus fruit designs, which will take on a dreamlike quality under the artistic, artificial lighting.

The colours will sparkle and acquire a poetry of their own. However, la Fête du Citron ® would not be what it is today without its famous ‘Corsos’ (parades of decorated floats).

Events take place during the day with the ‘Golden Fruit Parade’ (Sunday 18 – 25 February and 4 March 2018 at 2.30 pm) and at night with the ‘Night-time Parade’, followed by a firework display (Thursday 22 February and 1 March at 9.00 pm).

Once again this year, decorated floats, each one more amazing than the last, will capture the world of Bollywood through the rhythm of Indian dance and music. It is a unique show that will be treat for all the senses…

The main events

  • Saturday 17 February at 11.00 am: opening of the 85th Fête du Citron®
  •  Saturday 17 February at 2.00 pm: opening of the Exhibition of Citrus patterns
  • Saturday 17 February, 8.30 pm: Les Jardins de Lumières (The Gardens of Lights)
  • Sunday 18 February, 2.30 pm: Golden Fruit Parade
  • Thursday 22 February, 9 pm: The night-time parade, (followed by fireworks)
  • Friday 23 February, 8.30 pm: Les Jardins de Lumières (The Gardens of Lights)
  • Saturday 24 February, 3.30 pm: Holi Party
  • Sunday 25 February, 2.30 pm: Golden Fruit Parade
  • Thursday 1 March, 9 pm: The night-time parade, (followed by fireworks)
  • Friday 2 March, 8.30 pm: Les Jardins de Lumières (The Gardens of Lights)
  • Sunday 4 March, 2.30 pm: Golden Fruit Parade

Not-to-be-missed – A HOLI PARTY IN MENTON

The arrival of spring in India is marked with a huge celebration called Holi – the festival of colours. The whole country is inundated by a magical whirlwind of colours. Indians, dressed in white, throw coloured powder, the hues of which correspond to the following wishes: green for harmony, orange for optimism, blue for vitality and red for happiness and love. People sing and dance to traditional music.

La Fête du Citron® is organising a Holi Party on the Esplanade Francis Palmero (Saturday 24 February from 3.30 pm). Come and experience a whirlwind of colour to the sounds of Bollywood for a moment of pure Indian-style exuberance! The music and dancing at this huge open-air ‘party’ will be led by a DJ.

Admission price: € 3 for children up to 10 years, € 5 for children 11 years and over and for adults. A T-shirt, sunglasses and sachets of powder will be included with the ticket price.

The event in numbers

  • 20 days of festival
  • 240, 000 spectators on average each year
  • 10 floats and 13 decorated displays in the gardens
  • 200 artists (dancers, musicians)
  • 400 participants (warehousemen, cashiers, screening staff)
  • Over 20, 000 hours worked by crews, primarily municipal
  • 12 people in charge of changing any fruit which has deteriorated each day
  • 140 tonnes of citrus fruit for the gardens and floats
  • Up to 18 tonnes of fruit for the most magnificent designs
  • 45 kg of oranges or 30 kg lemons are needed to cover 1 m²
  • 10 tonnes of additional fruit to replace any damaged fruit
  •  Over 750,000 elastic bands for attaching the fruit
  • Between 6 to 8 km of woven box hedge
  • 15 tonnes of steel


 Dates : From 17th february to 4th march 2018.
  Lieu : City of Menton.

For hygiene and security reasons, animals are not allowed either in the gardens or on procession routes or at the Palais de l’Europe.

All the Fête du Citron® events (golden fruit parades, night-time parades, exhibition of citrus patterns and the gardens of Lights) take place in secured and enclosed areas. This means you must purchase an entry pass, or be the holder of a badge, accreditation, or invitation card in order to pass through security.

Only children under 6 years are exempted from an entry pass, on the condition that they be accompanied by an adult in possession of one of the entrances afore mentioned.

During the golden fruit parades and the night-time parades, in order to improve the flow of access, entrances will be distributed along the area.

For the exhibition of citrus patterns, several entrances are located along the Biovès gardens, as well as the gardens of lights.

Systematic inspections will be carried out at each entrance through metal detectors, bag inspections and “physical pat-down”.

It is advised to arrive at least an hour before the event, and to carry only a minimum of necessary objects in your possession.

Deposits for your bags and objects are at your disposal before entering in the area. Any object purchased in the gardens or at the salon of crafts must be sealed in a bag during the purchase in order to be admitted to one of the enclosures. If not, it must be deposited.

It is prohibited to enter the enclosure with :

• Large suitcases or bags
• Disguises that could lead to confusion
• Weapons, even artificial ones
• Blunt, sharp or pointed objects
• Firecrackers or fireworks
• Glass or metal containers (unless in sealed bags)

Lemon Festival 2018 rates

Benefit from preferential rates (up to -15% by booking online !)

on the day
Reduced rates *
Golden Fruit Parade or Night-Time Parade (Seated tickets) reservation required .25 €
25 €10 €
Golden Fruit Parade or Night-Time Parade (Standing tickets)12 €
10 €6 €
Citrus exhibition (Exhibition of citrus patterns in Biovès Garden).12 €
10 €6 €
Gardens of Lights (Exhibition of citrus patterns with lights and animations in Biovès Garden).13 €
13 €8 €
Forfait n°1 Entrance at the golden fruit parade or night-time parade (Seated tickets) + Entrance at the exhibition of citrus patterns .32 €30 €15 €
Forfait n°2
Entrance at the golden fruit parade or night-time parade (Standing tickets - promenoir) + Entrance at the exhibition of citrus patterns ( during the day) .
20 €17 €10 €
*Reduced rates: Children aged 6 to 14 - On-site and online rates
Free admission – (Except to stands) : children under 6 years and Persons with Reduced Mobility (on presentation of a disability card with over 80% disability).


During the Lemon Festival®, the Ville de Menton Tourist Office will be open every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the days of the night parades and gardens of lights.

Menton Tourist Office – (in close proximity to the event area)
Palais de l’Europe
8 avenue Boyer
06500 Menton

INFO /RESERVATION: +00 33 (0)4 92 41 76 95


Exhibition of citrus patterns

From 17th february to 4th march 2018

Golden Fruit Parades

Sundays 18th, 25th february and 4th march 2018

Gardens of lights

On 17th, 23rd february and 2nd march 2018.

Night-time parades

On thursdays 22th february and 1st 2018