Menton lemons – taste them at home!

In Menton, one couple are dedicated to transforming every flavour of lemon. Sonia and Fabrice Puech each day reveal the sophistication of the Menton lemon to new palates, capturing its aroma, its golden colour and its freshness. In their shop Au Pays du Citron, they will offer you a limoncello that will transport you straight into the lemon groves of the Menton valley.
Their work is innovating and tireless, presenting to people’s taste buds a new discovery of the lemon. For an ideal refresher, you can choose between a no-alcohol mojito or a lemonade… made with Menton lemons!

Speaking of salad, we should mention Menton Huile d’olive au Citron (olive oil with lemon)! The local reference is the Saint-Michel oil mill….an institution since 1896, situated in the old part of the town. Here, four generations have kept the secret of the manufacture of olive oil, symbol of the Mediterranean. Authenticity combined with exceptional quality…the ideal refining touch to your salads.

Menton being a border town, the culinary habits of the people of Menton resemble a poem, a soft mix of influences. Barbajuans, a tomato salad with tapenade toasts, garlic mayonnaise, stuffed courgette flowers, all sprinkled with lemon and olive oil and, of course, for dessert, a home-made ice cream… you won’t be able to resist the ultimate indulgence, so check out an ice-cream with Menton lemons confectioned by local glaciers.

If there is one place that will throw your taste buds into a state of ecstasy, that is the Mirazur. With its two Michelin stars and 2017 classification as 4h best restaurant in the world by the English “Best 50 Restaurant” guide, it fully deserves such gastronomic recognition. Mauro Colagreco pays just tribute to Menton. A prime proponent of Menton lemons, he offers menus with the tang of citrus embodying the full flavour of the Fête du Citron®. He cultivates his own orchard and gathers from the branches from its 15 lemon trees the zest which will fragrance your plate. Mauro plunges us right into the authentic taste of Menton.

In a little pedestrian alleyway, push open the door of the preserves shop – confiturerie Herbin – and be transported straight back into childhood. You will find yourself dreaming of great big slices of bread, covered with strawberry, citron and lemon… In the back of the shop, visit the Arche aux confitures. Enter a fairytale… In saucepans, fruits, all locally produced, simmer away. Nicole Bineau, master jam maker, stirs her expert mix with a gigantic wooden spoon. You won’t resist for long, succumb to the temptation of Menton lemon preserve, a “must have” souvenir from a stay in Menton!

Menton lemons, a tasty, healthy gift!


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