Night-time parades

 Dates : On thursdays 20th and 27th february 2020.
  Place : Promenade du soleil (seafront).

Meet on thursdays 20th and 27th february 2020 from 9 pm to 10.15 pm on the promenade du soleil in Menton.

Enthusiasm and a zest of extravagance

A spark of splendour to the parade worthy of the most ambitious street festival

Until dusk, the town seems to hold its breath…It’s all very peaceful, too peaceful…

In the distance, some drums show a touch of impatience, a trumpet replies… A float loaded with citrus fruit appears from nowhere, then another…

Time to party! Brass bands, orchestras, folk groups, dancers and the plain mischievous add a spark of splendour to the parade worthy of the most ambitious street festivals!

In apotheosis fireworks at 10.30pm

Suddenly, the first explosions ring out and light up the night above Menton.
The crackle of the sparks as they fall into the sea signals the end of this moment of extravagance.


The "Fête du Citron®" (Lemon Festival), an unique event in the world, attracts more than 200,000 visitors every year.
For more than 15 days, come and enjoy the zest-flavored of Golden parades and Night-time parades(parades of citrus floats and animated by groups), admire the Exhibition of citrus patterns in the gardens Biovès (by day and/or night with the Gardens of lights); not forgetting to visit the Crafts Fair and the Festival of Orchids with unforgettable scents.

Come and discover this fantasy world, and move to the rhythm of a simply unforgettable event.