Traffic and parking release

On Sundays Festival, it is highly recommended to arrive in Menton before 11 am

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To make your journeys during the Lemon Festival® easier, we recommend that you pay special attention to the various road signs and posters on display as you arrive in Menton:

from the A8 motorway exit, there are signs indicating the various reception areas (for light vehicles and camper vans, etc.)
in the town, around the circuit, special attention should be paid to by-law notices prohibiting parking.
Don’t hesitate to ask any of the agents on the spot if you are in the slightest doubt.

We advise you to use public car parks for parking.
The best solution is still to use public transport.

Menton Town Council informs all road users wishing to come and see the Lemon Festival float processions that, owing to the large influx of vehicles travelling to this event, the following instructions should be followed:

If possible, use the SNCF railway stations located at the boundary of the 06 department (Menton railway station is situated less than 200 metres from the entrance to the Procession)

If you decide to travel on Sundays on the A8 motorway, arrive in Menton before 12 am to be able to use a free car park situated near exit 59. (Directions to this car park will be signposted with arrows)

If you are driving into the town centre, also follow the arrows with the indication (light vehicle parking), in the direction of Italy.